How can I get a wedding cake on a limited budget?
There are many ways to work within your budget when purchasing your wedding cake. These include smaller tiers, sheet cakes in the kitchen and cupcakes.

How do you transport my wedding cake to my reception site?
Our experienced drivers deliver your cake in air conditioned vans to keep your cake cold. This is important for the delivery process, especially during hot summer months.

Do you charge for a wedding cake consultation?
We invite you to come in for a personalized cake tasting experience. This includes up to 3 flavors of cake, 3 fillings and three frostings of your choice. Additional fees apply for additional cake and filling flavors. To schedule a cake tasting, we do require a $25 fee at the time of booking the appointment. 

Do you freeze your wedding cakes?
No, we do not freeze our wedding cakes. We make our products fresh for you so that your cake’s quality is never compromised.

Can I bring in a design I saw from the internet or a magazine?
Yes you can, we encourage that! We are often asked to recreate designs that our brides and grooms have seen elsewhere.

Why are your cakes so moist and delicious?
That’s our secret! However, we encourage you to shop around and then welcome you to come taste the best!

How long have you been in business?
We opened our doors in 2007 and have been featured in national wedding magazines. 

Would you add a tier of styro-foam to my wedding cake to make it look larger?
Due to issues concerning the mix of artificial and real cake, Coccadotts does not use Styrofoam. Our method is structurally safe for the delivery of your cake. We do not want to take any chances!

How far will you deliver?
Coccadotts will deliver up to 30 miles away from our home locations.