It all started when I was 12 years old. My family owned a bakery, as well as a chain of hotels, in which I would bounce back-and-forth to help at. But something always drew me back to the bakery. I could truly utilize my passion for design and creativity... not to mention satisfy my sweet tooth!

So, in 2007 when I was a young woman with big dreams, I took a leap of faith and opened my first location in Albany. It took a lot of hard work, and help from my family and friends, but in a short amount of time we really made a name for ourselves. Speaking of our name... Coccadotts has a unique and very special meaning! My maiden name is Cocca. After marrying my husband, Luke Dott, my name became Cocca-Dott. It was cute and it worked!

Fast forward 10 years, and tons of cupcakes later... we have grown and expanded down the east coast. It would be impossible to serve so many daily customers without the help of my family.  Luke took on the role of our day to day operations, my father, Jim and stepmother, Michele took over our Myrtle Beach location, and our niece Amber took charge of our store in Fort Lauderdale. The backbone of our company in Albany is Christina and her husband, Joe Molnar.  

Although we have grown and changed very much over these last few years, one thing will never change: our desire to make you, our customers, happy. Taste, freshness, appearance and customer satisfaction are qualities that will never be sacrificed at Coccadotts.